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23. "The flame never dies because the commmitment never ends."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Heather Mac

78. "Be patient wild eyes.Soon will come a storm to tame you.Let her winds surround you. Match her fury and let fires reign.There is no escape.Nature means what she does."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Anjeshni

197. "Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide. We pretend to hide it, but it burns us more and more until the pain grows and grows and it never ends."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Juan

266. "This isn't right. This isn't even wrong."
Wolfgang Pauli
Submitted by Sarah Hoffman

276. "I can still remember just the way you taste."
Submitted by Kelly

315. "Practice can make perfect, but it's passion that persuades."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Lvie

628. "You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Kayleigh Tierra Maree

707. "Passion is to kiss or to hug and to prove that action speaks louder than words."
Submitted by NickoG

788. "'Passion' a word which involves so many feelings; I feel it when we touch, I feel it when we kiss, I feel it when I look at you. For you are my passion, my one true love."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Scott Richardson

808. "This is destiny so why pretendClose your eye's and kiss me once again.I'll always be the only one you'll need.So go where your deepest longing leads."
Submitted by LizBeth C.

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