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837. "Sex without the sizzle is like lemonade without the pop, it quenches your thirst, but leaves you feeling flat!"
Source Unknown
Submitted by Anonymous

865. "Love is knowing that no matter what is done at the end of day, you won't change your mind, it's only wanting what's best for that special person."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Aaron

878. "It's one thing to turn a friend into a lover, but it's completely different to try to turn a lover into a friend."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Anonymous

883. "When two people love each other, but they just can't seem to get things right, how do you know when enough is enough?"
from the movie "The Mexican"
Submitted by Carie S.

910. "I hate him for leaving when I thought he never would ... but I love him for staying when I was putting him through so much."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Stephanie H.

959. "The space between your heart and mine is the space we'll fill with time."
Dave Matthews Band
Submitted by Bethani

986. "And I will open up, if you promise to give in, on this perfect night, let the two of us be one"
"To Be With You" by Hoobastank
Submitted by Julia

999. "It's not that I am afraid to die, it's if I die, who will love you as I do?"
Source Unknown
Submitted by Waseem Zaman

1074. "You are my sun, you are my light, and in my dreams you are only mine."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Zuri

1120. "One day all that we wish for, all that we seek may knock on our door and find us weak. The time that we have; the path that we walk, all things are determined by the tick of the clock. What might have been and yet may be lies with circumstance; with it I plea. Love was, and is, and continues on, even after our souls are gone."
Source Unknown
Submitted by L. M. Fair

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