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Storybooks for your
Storybook Romance

by Brettani Shannon

Storybook RomanceEveryone wants to give a great gift -- one that is unforgettable, lasting, and meaningful. For those of you who are artistically, poetically, or musically inclined, this mission is reasonable, but for those who are creatively challenged, the task is intimidating. The perfect gift to fit the above criteria is a homemade love storybook. Below are ideas for homemade books that will melt your lover’s heart.

There are ideas for bookmakers of all skill levels -- from those who possess well-sculpted artistic abilities to those whose artistic talents are lackluster to say the least. One thing is for sure: every one will be a hit.

You can make your book from any of the following:

  • A notebook
  • A folder
  • A ready-made blank scrapbook
  • A hand-bound book with pages and covers (fabric, cardboard, or even metal with holes for string, ribbon, wire, or rope to hold the book together)
  • A spiral notebook
  • A drawing pad
  • A blank journal

Bring Out Their Inner Child
For the bookmakers that love to write and draw…
Write your love story in the style of a children’s book. You can choose to tell it in “Fairytale” format using the classic “Once Upon A Time” and “Happily Ever After” lines, “Super Hero” format with you and your lover as dramatically animated sci-fi characters, or you can choose to make the characters in your storybook animals instead of human. If you are an artistic bookmaker, add illustrations to your story by drawing, painting, or cutting out already-made illustrations and pasting them into your book. You can even make your book a coloring book and deliver it to your love with a box of crayons.

A Fairy Tale Story
My boyfriend and I are always telling each other stories, just to pass the time. This year for Christmas I decided to write out the story of how we met in a fairy-tale format, complete with cute pictures of the Kim Anderson children to illustrate it. All my girlfriends loved the idea, and hopefully he likes it as much, too!
--submitted by Anonymous

An Interactive Love Adventure
For the creative writer or master bookmaker
You and your lover can relive the adventures that got you to where you are now by reading your homemade “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. You will both have fun exploring the possibilities of what might have been if different choices were made.

Choose Your Own Adventure
I made my own "Choose Your Own Adventure" book for my boyfriend's birthday based on our "misadventures" (i.e. our first date: hiking up to a waterfall then playing on the slippery rocks barefoot, only to lose my footing and have him grab me by my bra strap to stop me from slipping off the rock). The best part about creating your own book is that you end up asking yourself "what if " questions (to come up with alternate endings) and realize how lucky you were to actually have been there at the right time to meet that special someone. To get started, you might want to go to the public library and check out a "choose your own adventure" book from the children's section. Then start writing down your favorite memories and let your creativity run wild for alternate endings.
--submitted by Anonoymous

The Words Are Endless…
For any level bookmaker – only love and time are required for making this book

From a dictionary, choose all the words you can think of to describe your lover. Choose words that define your feelings for them, describe the things you do together, or just relate to your relationship in general. Highlight them, make notes in the margins if you'd like, or decorate the covers for a love book they will treasure.

Make it all about them…
For the thoughtful (talented or not) bookmakers

Show your love just how wonderful you think they are by making them a book all about them! Include accomplishments, special awards (you can also include an award from you from the collection available at Lovingyou.com: Free Printable Love Coupons, Notes & More!), pictures of them growing up, funny childhood memories like injuries, nicknames, and school picture disasters, the names of their babysitters and teachers, or groups they were involved in. Or, stick to a specific theme like their hobby or favorite sport. Use scrapbook stickers, backgrounds, and stamps that match that theme to spruce up your book’s décor.

How it all began…
For the bookmaker that remembers all the details

Write your partner the story of how your love began. Was it love at first sight? Were you friends before lovers? Try beginning with “Once upon a time…” End it with a turning point in your relationship like your first date, your first kiss, first “I love you,” or even your marriage proposal!

Our Love Story!
I had no idea what to get my fiancé for Valentine's Day. I am in college so I don't have too much money to spend. I was at the bookstore and saw a small blank hard-bound book that was really cheap. I bought the book and typed up a story about our "courting" period from when we first met until our first kiss. I put in pictures and little keepsakes, like the ticket stub from our first date, as illustrations that followed the story. I titled it and colored the cover. I even put a little fake copyright on the back cover.
--submitted by Angel C.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
For the Non-Writing Bookmaker

Make a flip book of yourself with a message for your love. One way is to go to a photo booth in an arcade or mall and take pictures of yourself holding up signs (in sign language or on pieces of paper that you hold under your chin) that say sweet messages to your partner like, “I love you” or “You are my soul-mate.” For those of you bookmakers that love to draw, make a flip book of yourself blowing them a kiss or saying a message.

Alternative to Pages
For the Computer-Loving Bookmaker

Make a love story scrapbook for your partner using PowerPoint. Include your theme song, animations, creative lettering, personal photos, voice-over, and video to make a PowerPoint love book they will cherish forever.

PowerPoint Presentation
I was looking for a new and creative way to express my love to my girlfriend. While at work I was trying to learn PowerPoint. So I thought of getting creative and while learning PowerPoint, I made her a PowerPoint presentation about how we met and how we fell in love. I included pictures that we have taken, some humorous ones, and bar charts etc. Then I emailed it to her at work. --submitted by Todd

Tips from the Great Love Story Bookmakers (LYC readers):
Use mementoes from places you’ve been together: ticket stubs from movies, games, shows, or events, napkins or takeout menus from a restaurant, dried flowers from bouquets they’ve given you, love notes you’ve written back and forth, pictures, score sheets from games you’ve played, or anything else that bring memories back.

If you haven’t collected many things, go out and gather what you need. Your partner will be amazed at the effort it took retrace your steps. Go to the places you have memories of (like your favorite restaurants, theatre companies, theme parks, stores, beaches) and get your reminder tokens, or go to their websites and print off things to add to your book.

Print text messages and or emails you’ve written back and forth, gather information and/or pictures and mementos from your love’s family and friends to include in the book, and get copies of newspaper articles that signify events you attended, topics you discussed, or even better, articles that feature one of you!

Include love quotes printable from Lovingyou.com: Love Quotes or out of a love quote book. You can also search for “love quotes” online.

Stick envelopes (store-bought or homemade) into your scrapbook to hold special things like wishing dust, love notes, shells or rocks, mementos, or a CD or DVD of something special.

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