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Romance 101

More Places to Hide Love Notes

by Jennifer Good

More Love Notes

Finding a love note is like finding a hidden piece of treasure. It's an immediate romantic pick-me-up that goes a long way towards creating real intimacy between couples. Throw in the added excitement and anticipation of locating hiding spots and then waiting for your love to discover them and love notes certainly become a fun and spontaneous way to keep the romantic fires burning.

So how do you make the most of giving love notes? Location, location, location! The key to getting the most out of your love note gesture is in the placement. Try to think of fun and wacky places to hide them. You want your partner to have to fight the urge to smile when they think about the last love note they found. To help spark your inspiration, below is a list common areas around your home that would be perfect for tucking in a surprise written token of your affection.

In the Bedroom

  • Under their pillow.
  • By the TV or taped to the remote.
  • In the closet. (Tucked in a pocket or hanging from a hanger.)
  • Under the covers.
  • On your ceiling.
  • Behind the door.
  • In a dresser drawer.
In the Kitchen
  • In a pot or pan.
  • In between dishes.
  • Inside a cup or coffee mug.
  • Under a chair cushion.
  • Under a plate at dinner.
  • In a package of coffee beans.
  • In the refrigerator.
  • Under the lid to a favorite food.
In Living Areas
  • Under a sofa cushion.
  • Under a chair.
  • By the TV remote (or taped to it).
  • Tucked in a plant.
  • Tucked in a toilet paper roll.
  • Behind a painting.
  • In their laptop or under their keyboard.
  • In shower or bath.
  • In their desk drawer.
  • In a musical instrument.
  • In a tissue box.
  • In a magazine they're reading.
  • Inside a basket of hobby related items.
  • In planters.
  • Under the doormat.
  • Tucked into the door frame.
  • In garden furniture.
  • Under the sun visor in their car.
  • In their car seat.
  • In the trunk of their car.
  • Laminate the notes and make a trail to the front door.
Have any ideas or places that were missed? Share your thoughts and ideas below!

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