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Romance 101

Creative Love Letter Ideas

by Jennifer Good

Need new ideas to spruce up your love letters? Or, maybe you need to go over the top to get out of the "dog house." If so, find the perfect solution with these creative love letter ideas!

  • Write a small but romantic love letter (about 5 lines in length or less). Then, get your local newspaper and circle all the words you need (in order) to include in your letter. Then leave the paper with a special note on top telling them to put together the words to form the letter.

  • Write a line or two of a 20 -30 sentence love letter on bits of paper or index cards. Hide the cards in various places and leave a hint on where to find the next part of the letter. The really adventurous might try leaving bits of the letter around your city.

  • On your shower wall, before your love takes a shower, write a lipstick (guys buy some for this purpose) love letter.

  • This one might take a bit of time and two video recorders. Tape a few hours of TV shows. Watch the shows and pick out words that have been said and create a love letter out of them. Then re-record only those words in the correct order to make a video love letter. Alternately, you can use two tape recorders and do the same thing.

  • Similar to the idea above, take lines from your favorite love songs and record them to make a beautiful love letter!

  • At set periodic times of the day send one line of an e-mail letter to your love.

  • Get a few bags of Hershey's Kisses candy and spell out a short love letter on the floor for your sweetie to find.

  • On a plastic white or light colored plate, write a love letter creatively in permanent pen. Make dinner and leave the plate in place of your normal serving ware. (Make sure to switch it back before putting food on it.)

  • If you have a projector and an empty white or light colored wall (garages are perfect usually) write your letter in dark ink on a piece of paper and project it on the wall for them to find.

  • If your partner likes to read, leave a love letter in their book for them to stumble across.

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