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Love Crafts

Make Your Own Love Game

by Jennifer Good

Make Your Own Love Game Want an activity that will make you feel more connected and intimate with your partner? Game nights are a great way to spend one-on-one time with your partner. Not only are they an inexpensive way to pass the evening, they're entertaining and often start up interesting conversations. If the game you're playing is homemade and tailored to your interests or relationship...all the better. With a homemade game, you can include personal or relationship building questions, fun dares, and even create unique playing tokens. Your options for customization are endless!

To help you get started, here are some tips for creating your game, followed by tips and ideas for actual game playing. Use the two lists together and you'll be sure to
come up with a new favorite classic.

Creating Your Game

Playing Pieces
In order to play most games, you'll need tokens to serve as your playing piece. You can use something as simple as coins or glass beads, or you can find things more symbolic to your relationship. Small children's toys work well for this. If you want to do something more custom for your game as a fun couple's project, you might also want to consider making your own wooden pieces from parts you can find at a typical craft & hobby store.

The Board
If you decide to make your game a board game, the actual playing board is going to be the central focus of your project. To start, you should probably consider drawing a sample playing board on paper to get an idea if you like the game play before devoted any significant time to the concept. When you've found a layout you like, then consider making something more permanent by using a heavier material. You can still use paper, card stock or poster board for your project and laminate it for durability. If you want something more elaborate, consider a wooden board. Adorn it to fit your game using paint or permanent markers. Once your paint is dry, make sure to give it a protective clear coat finish. When making your playing board, don't forget to consider your storage options. A wooden board may be nice, but if you don't take into account where you're going to put it, it may not be a good fit for you. If the board is too big, consider breaking it up into smaller pieces you can fit together during game play, or using hinges to allow for folding.

Most games involve some type of random number generation. This is where dice come in. Visit a game and hobby store and you'll find tons of dice options to give your game a more custom feel.

You'll need cards if you're making a card game or using cards to add a surprise element to your board game play. Index cards work very well for this. In addition you could cut card stock or use blank printable business cards located at any office supply store. For durability, consider laminating your cards or using protective card sleeves available at most game and hobby stores. If you are planning on decorating your cards, make sure to keep durability a concern and don't use things that are likely to rub or come off.

Fun Game Ideas

Custom Playing Cards
Put together a collection of photos - enough to make a deck of playing cards. With just a little bit of know how, just about any picture editing software, and a decent color printer, you and your partner can have custom playing cards with anything from wedding pictures to family albums to more adult pictures. A digital camera makes this idea even easier.
--submitted by Josh

Game of Love Cards
Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, Aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your honey take turns drawing cards. What ever card says to do your partner must do. Be creative with your ideas! Have fun!
--submitted by Anonymous

Get a piece of cardboard and cover the top with white paper and then paint it to look like a monopoly board. In the "Go" section write where you met. In other spots, write where you like to go on dates. Replace Jail with Fight. For "money" make slips on the computer with kisses on them. The loser has to give the winner as many kisses as they have.
--submitted by Erin

Memory for Adults
Remember that card game when you lay out all 52 cards face down and take turns trying to finding the match? Ahh, good old memory. Now play it with a twist! Get a piece of paper and write down a prize for the winner (For example, love making session and you're in charge!). Now write down the numbers 1-13. For every number write a different body part (i.e., tummy = 7). Then write clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades with a different action (i.e., heart = lick). Start playing and for every pair you get, you do that combination to your partner, or if you so choose, they do it to you! So, if your pair was a 7 of Hearts you would lick your partner’s stomach. At the end of the game, the person with the most “pairs” wins the game and the big prize!
--submitted by Silhouette

Pictured Checkers Board
My boyfriend likes to play games, whether it's on the computer or an old board game. This year, I made him a wooden checkers board. Instead of the black spaces on the board, every other space had a picture of one of us, both of us, or us and our friends. He absolutely loved it!
--submitted by Sue

Romantic Dice Game
After just six years of marriage, my husband and I were pretty predictable in the bedroom. When we went on a weekend getaway, I came up with this quick and easy "warm-up" game. Take a pair of dice and make two lists: one with body parts (mouth, etc) and one with actions (kiss, squeeze, etc.) assigning each a number 1-6. Take turns rolling the dice, then match up the numbers for a fun and VERY unpredictable evening!
--submitted by Anonymous

Sexy Truth or Dare Jenga
Take a regular Jenga game and write sexy truth or dare comments on each piece. Whichever piece your lover picks, they have to do or tell what is written on the block. Add in a “WILD” block and you’ll have tons of fun!
--submitted by Angel Eyes

Truth or Dare Flash Cards
First, you’ll need 50 index cards. On 20 of them, write sexy or romantic things to do to each other (kiss my lips, tell me something sweet, give me a hickey, etc.). On the other 30, write different questions or dares. If you pull a card with a question or dare, you have to do what the card says to keep the card. If you don’t, your partner gets it. At the end of the game, the one with the most cards gets a prize (be creative). The 20 cards with the romantic things on them will help to break up the questions.
--submitted by Anonymous

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