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Lovemaking 101

Sexy Love Hunt Ideas

Sexy Love Hunt Ideas Want to give your partner a night of loving they'll remember forever? Consider tempting them with a sexy love hunt. Lead them through a series of sexy teasers until they're dying to get to their final prize. What's waiting for them at the end? You, of course, dressed (or undressed) in all of your seductive finery! Before you start, get some inspiration from these ideas from other real couples on Lovingyou.com.

A Night Without Worries
This is what my husband did for me. We have two kids and the big thing with us is that we have no time to ourselves. Well, my husband really wanted to do something about that. When I got home late for work one night, I was greeted at the door by a letter. It said, "Don't say anything, just follow the instructions." I walked inside and found another note on the floor at the beginning of a trail of rose petals. The note instructed me to put all my things down and follow the petals, which I did. In the hallway, another note told me to take off all my clothes and continue down the path. The path led me into the bathroom, which was covered with rose petals. In the bathroom, there were candles all over, a bubble bath, a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne. The last note was on the sink, and it read, "Now take a bath and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about anything." About an hour later, while I was still enjoying my bath, my husband walked into the room with a brand new robe and told me to get out. He took me into the bedroom and gave me a massage. It was a night we'll never forget!
--submitted by Laurie

A Night of Romance
My husband and I have been married for five months now, but we've been together for five years. For a while, the romance has been fading, so I decided to do something special to show that our relationship can still have the fire it once did. First, I printed eight notes to give him throughout the night. They folded like greeting cards, and they simply said "A Night Of Romance" on the outside and had the actual note inside. I handed him the first note as I walked out the door of our house. It read "Get to your car. You'll find your next note there." Note #2 was on the passenger seat of his car. Inside it said, "Meet me at the pier along the lake at 7 pm. I will be waiting for you. Your clothes are in the backseat." Note #3 was on top of the clothes. "Tonight we will watch the sun set from the shore of the lake. When we leave, we will switch cars, just to make it fun." When he arrived at the pier, he found me sitting on a blanket with a little basket of snacks to eat while we watched the sun set. After that we switched cars. The fourth note was waiting for him inside my car. "Follow me. When we get to where we're going, get out of the car and come get into mine." I drove to a secluded spot where I knew we wouldn't be disturbed, and he joined me in the backseat for some cuddling and a make out session. When our lips were tired, I handed him note #5 and took off in my car. The note said, "I've been thinking that maybe we should take this to another level. Meet me at my place in 20 minutes." By the time he got to my house, I had the bedroom all set up and I'd changed into something that was sure to turn him on. Note #6 was taped to the outside of the door. "I see you've decided to take me up on my offer. Meet me upstairs, sexy!" In the bedroom, we had a wonderful lovemaking session full of all the romance and passion we'd been missing. When we were both exhausted, I handed him note #7 "I'm going to go freshen up a bit. I'll meet you on the roof in five minutes." I met him on the roof and we cuddled some more and watched the stars go by. After a few minutes of laying in his arms, I handed him the last note. It simply said, "I Love you baby, and I always will." We both had a wonderful day, and it's totally rekindled the fire in our relationship.
--submitted by Angela

Breakfast Love Hunt
I surprised my husband this Christmas with a little hunt around the house. (However, this could easily be adapted for other holidays.) I purchased one item for each room, and I set each one up with a clue to the next room (In the kitchen I left his favorite breakfast (pancakes), in the bathroom he found a bath pillow, in his office there was a new pen, in the other bathroom was his favorite shower gel, etc.) He moved through each room until he made it to the Christmas tree, which held a sexy nightie and the last clue, which led him to the bedroom. In the bedroom he found his last gift -- me, lying in bed with nothing on except a cute little bow. He loved it!!
--submitted by Baby Bums

Clue Hunts
This is a fun game I like to play with my husband every so often. I take index cards, and write clues on each one and hide them somewhere in the house. My husband finds the first one and reads the clue, and that gives him hints to find the next clue. This can go one for a few minutes or throughout the entire day, depending on how many clues I give him. The final card always leads to a special "treat," but only if he figures out all the clues. The treat can be a simple kiss, or an I love you, or...well...you can use your imagination.
--submitted by Ginny

Find Me
It was our first Valentine's Day together and I was BROKE! In addition, my boyfriend had to work during the day. So, before he got home, I set up a hunt for him. On the front door was a note saying "Hey baby. I know you're tired and probably in a bad mood, but please play a little game with me! Check the computer." On the computer I had some of his favorite music playing and a note with a 4-line poem leading him to the inside of the oven. In the oven was another 4-line poem leading him to the shower. Our bedroom door was directly across from the bathroom door and that note said something about turning around and you'll see what you need. So he figured out to go into the bedroom. There I was standing in our bedroom full of candles and wearing some sexy lingerie I'd been saving for a special occasion. This was the first time he ever saw me in lingerie. I then proceeded to help him out of his work uniform and make him very happy. :)
--submitted by Michelle

Hidden Picture Puzzle
Instead of hiding just little love notes, try taking a picture of yourself in lingerie or even in the nude if you are brave enough. Then cut the picture into puzzle pieces, write little notes on the back, and hide them all. Send your love on a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces and put the picture back together!
--submitted by Bambie

Mission: Find Me
I came up with sort of a scavenger hunt for my wife. I placed "mission" cards at different locations around town. Each one was in the form of a riddle. The first one sent her to a restaurant where I was waiting at a table. I had already made arrangements with the waitress. When we finished eating, I went to the "bathroom." I paid the check without my wife knowing, and then I told her I had to get something from the car. I left and the waitress gave her the next mission. It led her to a hotel where I was waiting. The mission told her that her codename was "I'm horny." When she came knocking, I asked for her codename. She replied "I'm horny." I said "I can't hear you." After a few times doing that and laughing hysterically she said, " I'm not saying it any louder, open the door now!" I let her in and we had a great time. Our room had a hot tub in it also. I would have loved to be on the outside hearing her knocking on the door yelling, "I'm Horny!" It was a blast!
--submitted by Anonymous

Sexy Scavenger Hunt
One Valentine's Day, I made my boyfriend leave the house. I then laid out several clues, all in poem form, than led him all around the house. With each clue, there was a present, like flavored body oil or champagne and strawberries, and a red rose. I called him and told him to came back home, and the game started. The last clue led him to the bedroom and to me in a sexy outfit with a pair of champagne glasses and candles lit everywhere. He loved it, and to this day he says it was the best present anyone has ever given to him.
--submitted by Anonymous

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