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Lovemaking 101

Erotic Love Coupons

by Brettani Shannon

Erotic Love Coupons
If you love the idea of love coupons, but haven't found ones that don't wind up at the bottom of your man's sock drawer, look no further. This coupon book is sure to be his favorite gift ever. The idea behind these erotic love coupons is to give you plenty of fun ideas that you both will be excited to experience. You can either make two books, one for you with the coupons youíd like to redeem and one for him, or make one book for you to share. Youíll have fun racing to use up the coupons before the other has the chance!

New Sex Position
Today, you get to direct me into a new position. Look online or skim through a book for ideas, and Iíll see you in the bedroom!

Role Play
Naughty nurse and wounded soldier, hot pool boy and rich heiress, escort and client, sex instructor and student, let your imagination go wild! You choose the scenario, and I will happily play the part.

Skinny Dipping
Letís get naked! You choose when and where and I will show up in my birthday suit.

You just show your coupon, sit back, and leave the rest to me.

Super Sensual Nude Massage
You and me in the buff, nothing but massage oil between us.

Sex in the Shower
Use this coupon as your ticket into a sensual shower with me.

ďAccessoriesĒ Shopping
Letís go shopping for lovemaking ďaccessories.Ē Whatever we get, it will be fun to give it a test run tonight!

Lingerie Shopping
Together, we will go to a lingerie shop and choose sexy outfits we like. Then we'll have a little lingerie modeling show (me and you in the dressing room) to help us choose which pieces we want to buy.

Erotic Film and Oral Pleasure
Oh, yes, I mean it. You redeem this coupon today and tonight, I will pick up the film and treat you to a sensory overload.

The Nude Card
The nude card is used to make me strip whenever you like. I may be watching TV, mopping the floor, playing a game, or taking a nap, but whatever it is, Iíll be doing it naked!

Make Up Sex
No matter how upset I am with you, if you present this card to me, I promise to have make-up sex with you.

Nude Sunbathing
Letís take in the sun au naturale. We will have to help each other with the sunscreen, but I donít think you will mind.

Make Love to Me Anytime, Anywhere
Redeem this card for spontaneous sex, anytime, anywhere.

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